Monday, 3 March 2014

Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy - Belief & Perceptual Reasons

Belief & Perceptual Reasons

The presentations of this workshop will all investigate the notion of belief. This event is part of the new Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy series.

Wednesday 12th of March, 2014

10am - 4pm

Open to all.

10:40am  Coffee & Biscuits

11:00am  Scott Sturgeon (Birmingham): “The Tale of Bella and Creda”


1:45 Coffee

2pm         Rae Langton (Cambridge): “Moral Realism and the Plasticity of Mind”

4pm        Susanna Siegel (Birmingham, Harvard): “Can Expertise Rationally
                Influence Perceptual Experience?"

Talks will be in room Lecture Room 3 of the Learning Centre: R28 on the campus map.

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